Twenty-five to Life

He laid down on a pillow full of tears
He just got sentenced to 25 long years.
And as he fell down to his bed full of tears
He cried out, “No! Not 25 years!
Will I lose my kids, will I lose my wife
All because of 25 to life?
Will I be able to make it through 25 years without you?
Will you write me letters every day, or meet another and slip away?
Will you send me pictures growing old, to this prison cell so cold?
And when it is time to be Grandpa, will they ask about me, Grandma?
Is it true out of sight is out of mind, will there be another Grandpa they find?
What’s a poor man supposed to do, 25 years in a cell without you?
And when I die will the Good Lord let me in, if I pray will he forgive my sin?
What’s a poor man supposed to do? P.S. Honey I love you.”

Well she looked so pretty, when he walked out the prison gate,
Leaving behind 25 years of hell and hate.

And as he held her and kissed away all her tears
She whispered, “Lets go another 25 years.

Come on Grandpa lets go home.”

Just when it looks like there is no hope God makes a way, just as with this story! Amen! Pray for these men! I see this and hear this everyday. So I wrote it!
Billy Richards,
Inmate at Supermax

(Copyright Billy Richards 2005. Used by permission)