Connect with God

Getting to Know God

God Loves You and Wants a Relationship with You – Learn about how God loves you and wants to walk with you through life.
God Answers the Questions of the Heart – Where do I belong? What has meaning in life? Can I do something right? God has answers.
God’s Plan of Salvation – How do I deal with guilt and shame? I have offended God, what is the path to peace with God?
The Ultimate Answer – God’s plan for love and justice in perfect balance. Jesus took my place in court.

Walking with God

I Believe in Jesus, Now What? – God wants us to grow into fruitful trees. When we stay connected to God, then God does amazing things through our life.
Repentance and Joy – Jesus said, “And you shall know the truth and the truth shall make you free.” How do we find freedom and return to joy?
Live a New Day – How do I let God begin a revival in me that changes the world around me?  How do I join with the Holy Spirit to change my heart and the hearts of those around me through the Fruit of His Holy Spirit?
The Sword of the Spirit – There is an enemy of our souls. How do we fight?
Know Your Bible – What is the Bible? God wrote the details of what He did and plans to do.
Your Faith Story – Wow, God has done amazing things in our lifetime.
What is in Heaven – God wants a relationship that starts here on earth and continues into eternity.
Our Daily Bread – Helping you connect with God every day.