Join King Jesus

An Invitation from Larry.

Maybe there is someone here today,
Who is lost and can’t find the way.
Someone who wants to get it right
So that they can sleep at night.
Someone who knows that Larry found peace
When he came to Jesus on his knees.
They know God’s love they can’t resist
And need to pray a prayer like this:

“Oh Lord, I give up the fight
I was wrong, you are right
I open the door and let you in.
Now you can have all my sin.
I thought that I was hiding
All my greed, lust, pride and lying.
I’m not as good as I look,
When I read the laws in your book.

I’ve been living for me each day,
Pouting and pushing to get my way.
You would be right to punish me
And send me to hell for eternity
I am guilty, your justice I can’t face
Oh Lord, I need your mercy and grace.

Now I join you, Jesus, in your story
Of why you left your power and glory
To come down to planet earth
And be born of virgin birth.
To live a life completely good
So it would be understood
That you were punished for my sin
So that I could live again.

When you bled and died on the cross
It was a win and not a loss.
You paid for all my guilt and shame
You stretched your arms and took my blame.
Now your payment I receive
When in your death I believe.

“It is finished” my debt is paid
Then in the tomb your body was laid.
Three days later you rose from the grave
Confirming only you have the power to save.

Now I stand in the hope of new life
Not the ruin of my guilt and strife.
Knowing I’m welcomed to your side
To live in heaven and forever abide.

There I will see Larry and Ann
Who showed me how that I can
Continue in the rest of your story
Filled with your love, grace and glory.”
(Because when I arrive on heaven’s shore
Death and pain will be no more.)

Maybe there is someone here today
That needs to stand up and say
“That’s the prayer I need to pray
I want Jesus, show me the way.”

In 1939, Larry starred as the baby in the opening scene of the movie Miracle on Main Street. He grew up in Colorado and played football for USC. He enjoyed engineering and was awarded with a patent. He loved singing and played in several bands. His most important quest was to find out who Jesus Christ really is and give his heart and life to Him. Larry started his relationship with Jesus Christ on earth, and it now continues in eternity. His wife, Ann, is faithfully inviting people to know Jesus Christ, while she looks forward to being reunited with Larry.