A Prayer of Blessing for Mother

May God bless you from the top of your head to the bottom of your feet …

May the choices your child makes be a crown to your head and bring joy to your heart.
May God bless your mind with clarity to avoid evil and choose what is good. May you find activities and friends for your child that are excellent and honorable.
May God bless your eyes with warmth to see a bright future for your child. May you rejoice in the beauty of what God has given you and His eternal love for you.
May God bless your nose with the smell of delicious meals that provide the nourishment for your child to grow healthy and strong.
May God bless your lips to speak encouragement and correction to guide your child through life.
May God bless your ears to join your child in laughter and comfort him with gentleness.
May God bless your neck with elegance and grace to teach your child culture and virtue.
May God bless your shoulders with strength and determination to provide and protect through the seasons of life.
May God bless your hands with diligence and abundance.
May God bless your back to stand straight for the truth and to bend to help those in need.
May God give you a wise and discerning heart that abounds with love, courage and compassion.
May God bless your legs with endurance. May you walk with God through all your days.
May God bless your feet that you may bring peace wherever you go.
May God bless the road beneath your feet. May your paths lead to righteousness and blessing for you, your family and friends, for generations to come.

… May God bless you from the top of your head to the bottom of your feet.