Your Faith Story

Start with any five questions and begin writing about the things God has done in your life. 

  1. What was your life like before you surrendered to Jesus?
  2. How did God reach out to you and who did He use?
  3. What convinced you that Jesus Christ is real and that you needed Him?
  4. What happened the day you prayed and asked God for forgiveness?
  5. What are some highlights of your first year as a follower of Jesus?
  6. When was a time you sought God in your finances, and you saw a breakthrough?
  7. When was a time you walked with God in a health crisis?
  8. When was a time you trusted God, when people were disappointed with you?
  9. What is one of your favorite verses in the Bible, and what does it mean to you?
  10. How does God lead and speak to you?
  11. How have you grown in reading God’s Word?
  12. How have you grown in prayer and listening to God?
  13. How have you grown in your faith and putting God’s Word into action?
  14. How have you grown in your commitment to embrace God’s righteousness and live differently?
  15. How have you grown in sharing God’s good news with others?
  16. How have you grown in compassion for people that God loves and cares about?
  17. How have you grown in giving to promote God’s purposes on earth?
  18. What are some precious moments you have had with God?
  19. How have you connected reading God’s Word to a situation?
  20. What do you hope God continues to do through you, before He calls you home?
  21. How has God changed certain habits?
  22. How have you grown in your desire to know God and find out what pleases Him?
  23. How have you wrestled with sin and the determination to get evil out of your life?
  24. When has God brought joy, when you didn’t expect it?
  25. If someone wanted a relationship with God, what would you tell them?

Let God continue to build your faith story as you walk together through life’s adventures, trials, victories, joys and sorrows.  My prayer is that you will share your faith and be an anchor and support to those who God has called you to impact.