Caring for Mom

Laying here listening to her breathe  …
What do you want me to know Lord?
“Know that I love her and that I am pleased.”

She is close to the end and her hands are cold.
Her back is sweating and her arms shift about.
Her breathing keeps changing and I wonder if she is alright.
“Do what you feel best my son, but I care for her tonight.”

“She has lived a life of serving Me,
Wanting all to know my tender loving care.
She spread my name from sea to sea. 
She will be with Me for eternity.”

Anything else you want me to know?
Mom replied, “I got to go away.”
The line between those who are here
and those who have gone is thin. 
She is here, and yearning for there.

Are you awake mom or are you asleep?
Your eyes are closed and your breathing deep.
I love you mom and thank God for you. 
You guided me and helped me through.

“Help me …  My toes. My toes.”
So I took a peek.
What beautiful feet.
I put them back on the bed
And ask if that is better.

I slip back to sleep.  Hoping she is alright.

“Help! I can’t breathe!” 
Tube in your nose and set on max.
Tilt your head and try to relax.
Several big gasps,
Between labored breath.
Are your lungs filling up,
As I hold your hand in death?
Not today, but someday soon.

Oh Lord help me, this is not fun.
But, Thy will be done.

“See it as an opportunity to care
for the one that cared for you.
There is joy in serving, and doing what’s right.
I will take her, when the time is right.”

The sun brings dawn.  Too tired to yawn.
Let’s freshen you up, we have visitors today.

More meds for your pain and heart.
Sip water to help them down.
More smoothie, so you will have energy.
Strawberry is tart and chocolate is best.
Drink a little, take a rest.

Breakfast and a sponge bath.
Read scripture and listen to hymns
Hold your hand and sing a song
Life slips away as the routine goes on.

Oh Lord, this is okay, this is your way
Help us be faithful in the tasks for today.
What more can we do, we give her to you.

Your Son,